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Privacy Policy

Based on the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations’ Code of Ethics & Conduct for NGOs -Public money will not be misused for selfish purposes and all donations and financial contributions will be respected with the utmost seriousness and be used to provide the education and aid to ensure this education for the girls SHE aids.

SHE works beyond borders of politics, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, culture and nationality, as well as respecting moral values, religions, traditions, customs and culture of the countries we serve.

SHE respects and upholds the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by trying to ensure that women's rights to education is respected.

SHE will respect and be transparent in all of its dealings with any government, public, donors, sponsors, partners and beneficiaries that aid to obtain the organization’s objectives, except for personnel matters and proprietary information. Side note:(must find a way to ensure accountability).

SHE will respect and meet all of the legal obligations in the countries it is involved within and works in. Such obligations include law of incorporation, fundraising, equal employment opportunity principles, health and safety standards, privacy rules, trademarks and copyright.

SHE shall maintain independence and not be rigidly aligned or affiliated with any political party, although it may share a common political or legislative cause. It will not be involved in any attempts to influence any political campaigns or show any support or opposition to any candidate(s) for political office. SHE will only engage within the limit of its mission and stated objectives. SHE will work independently of any government.

SHE's ethos values and respects all young girls and youth. We believe in ensuring a post-secondary education for young women is vital to cease the vicious cycle of sexism, child marriages and abusive situations that young girls are vulnerable to.

SHE’s Code of Conduct is reviewed on a regular basis and ratified by the Executive Board of the Organisation.