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Our Work

We are

Carrying out events to fundraise or/and raise our profile locally.

Launching campaigns that primarily highlight the undisputed fact that women are vital players in the development of their communities.

Promoting ourselves to raise our profile and the importance of what we believe in.

Finding and working together with organisations of similar values and goals to create a bigger network.

Finding donors and sponsors to enable us to start achieving our long term goal.

Creating ties with secondary schools in African countries and a threshold for young women to meet to have the possibility to apply to universities in Canada.

Getting universities in Canada to agree to accept these students on a scholarship basis.

Getting more involved with the secondary schools there to ensure that all girls can have the opportunity to be considered.

“Girls’ education is the single best investment that any society can make.”

Carol Bellamy

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We are a new and emerging organization, determined and eager to help women recognize their fullest potential, and embrace it. You can help us achieve this goal by supporting us and following us on our social media platforms. Stay updated on our upcoming events and learn more about the importance of education and women empowerment.