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Secure Her Education

About Us

SHE is a non-governmental organization that started as a university society at the University of Ottawa. We are passionate advocates for women's rights across the world.

Our long term goal, and the focal point of this organisation, is to sponsor young women to pursue and secure their post-secondary education in Canadian universities and colleges.

As a new and emerging NGO, we are currently working on promoting SHE and engaging individuals that support our initiative. By hosting events and running campaigns in Canada, we are raising awareness about the lack of opportunities available to women in this regard and thus, the importance of our mission. As these events take place, we are also working on gaining sponsorships and donations, as well as exchanging information, resources and tools with organizations whose values align with our own.

SHE is built on the premise that providing educational opportunities for less-privileged young women is an effective way to address gender inequality and to help them reach their full potential.

Our beliefs


Education gives women the academic leverage, as well as economic encouragement, to resist the prevalent challenges that they face rather than resign themselves to their fate.

We believe that by gaining post-secondary education, women can not only be empowered to foster positive changes and be actively involved in initiatives, but also on a much larger scale challenge the climate that encourages sex trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable and uneducated women.


The value of advancing girls’ education extends beyond just robust contributions to local communities.

Education for all girls leads to sustainable economic growth, and an escalation of efficiency of the human potential to contribute to all spheres of life, thus securing a prosperous future to all.


Post-secondary education equips adolescent girls with the necessary resources, skills and expertise in order to foster their careers and community development capacity.

Instilling knowledge also carves the path towards independent decision-making, engagement skills and better health decisions.

“Universal education is not only a moral imperative but an economic necessity, to pave the way toward making many more nations self-sufficient and self-sustaining.”

Desmond Tutu

Support us

We are a new and emerging organization, determined and eager to help women recognize their fullest potential, and embrace it. You can help us achieve this goal by supporting us and following us on our social media platforms. Stay updated on our upcoming events and learn more about the importance of education and women empowerment.